THE FIX started over a cup of coffee. A cup of coffee that I couldn’t have on the mornings that I decided to ride into work.

We chose the name because of what we have developed is a solution to a very real problem all riders face at one point or another: Do I stop and have a rushed cup of coffee on my way to work, or do I go without one this morning? We fixed this by developing a unique cup holder, which rotates on two axes to keep your drink level while travelling in stop-and-go traffic and taking sharp corners. We kept the design sleek, and manufactured the product using chrome materials. The result is a design that is functional and attractive, but does not interrupt the overall look of your bike.

Since the final model’s production, we have found numerous other applications for THE FIX. Sailboats, motorboats, bicycles, motorized and non-motorized wheel chairs, and walkers are just a few of the types of vehicles we’ve installed units on.

7 years, three prototypes, we are proud to present you with THE FIX. The solution to transporting your coffee on your motorcycle (or bike, or sailboat, or wheel chair…)

We hope you get as much enjoyment out of THE FIX as we do!